Chew Lips – Unicorn – Kitsune

As it happens I stumbled upon Chew Lips when Elite Force decided to revamp a bonus track off the debut album ‘Unicorn’ on kitsune.  Tigs comprising the selling point. She’s a commanding frontwoman, imparting gravitas to wilfully obscure lyrics (“It’s your high-speed chase on your wedding day, give and take are all the same”) and warmth to a canvas of frosty clicks and bleeps. Perversely for a synth-pop trio, Chew Lips also have a bit of a thing for guitars, but they’re at their best when they stick to their electronic template. The most striking track here is Toro, whose pulsing bass-and-keyboard heart drags you straight in.

the Elite Force Revamped track has had the nod from the band so expect for this to land on re:vamped 2 some time in 2011.

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